Terms & Conditions

Ticket Bookings

You reserve your place for an event by buying a ticket from this website. Once you have paid for your ticket you will be provided with a reservation number.  This number must be brought to the event along with a valid South African ID.


We are not obliged to cancel your ticket and issue you with a refund. However we will consider cancellations and refunds on a case by case basis after a claim has been made. We will not provide any refunds and have the discretion to cancel an event if the event is not viable for us.


We will try our best to ensure you safety when you are partaking in the event activities. This does not mean that we will be held responsible for any occurrences. We do not bear any responsibility over the people who purchase tickets and attend our events. It is up to you to ensure your own safety. We will not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury and theft related to an event.



 If you do not attend the event, come late for the event or leave the event early we will not provide a refund or issue a new ticket.

If the event does not meet the minimum number of participants then the event may be cancelled or postponed to a later date. In this instance you may be offered a discount or a free ticket to a future event. We do not guarantee that any of our events take place due in circumstances where the minimum number of participants has not been met. We also cannot guarantee that the stated date and time of the event will remain fixed. If there is a date or time change then we will do our best to notify the ticket holder of the changes but will not be held responsible for non attendance. 

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